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Individual Health Insurance

Until recently, most people got their health insurance from their employer. People with low income got their health insurance from the government. But now, more and more people are buying private health insurance plans tailor-made for individuals. If you are one of these people, you should be seeking an individual health insurance plan from Harmon Insurance Brokerage now.

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Group Health Insurance

With the face of healthcare changing, there is a lot to know and likely many questions when it comes to creating a Group Health plan for your company. Harmon Insurance Brokerage is here to help guide you. Group health insurance is one of the most important employee benefits offered and consistently the most popular.

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Life Insurance

Having the right life insurance is pivotal in planning for the future of you and your loved ones. Life insurance can help you fulfill promises you've made to your family when you are gone. Don't leave the future of you and your loved ones to chance. Harmon Insurance Brokerage can help you find the right life insurance coverage for you, and help ensure that your policy continually meets your needs.

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Medicare Supplements Insurance

You're 65 and you qualify for Medicare insurance coverage. Now you need to complete your protection by purchasing the right Medicare supplements insurance to cover all the items that Medicare won't. There are specific limits or gaps in the Medicare A or B insurance so as to limit the expense to the government. With supplemental Medicare insurance policy, you can fill in your coverage so that you are fully protected.

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